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Another Hair Do!

Do you do your hair a lot? I find myself throwin’ it up in the ugliest of buns just to get it off of my neck! It’s hot out there… sometimes long braids are still too hot so I got excited when I saw this cool do (From The Beauty Department, of course). Of course, […]

The Crown of Braids

Here’s the latest and greatest from The BEauty Department! We saw this and thought what a lovely hair-do for the Summer. Embrace your inner bohemian. Let us know how it turns out! CROWN OF BRAIDS photos + post design Kristin Ess It seems pretty easy, but it’s not. Not everyone has long hair that reaches […]

Polish Picks – Homemade Body Shimmer?

Do you remember when putting body glitter on your eyelids was the bee’s knees? I remember. I was probably in 7th grade and I LOVED me some glitter. My mom (Hi Zondra), however, did not and now I can understand. Large flakes of glitter getting in the creases of one’s eyelids is anything but flattering. […]

Fun Friday – The Cat Eye

Just in time for the weekend we found a tutorial on how to make the perfect, fierce and flirty CAT EYE! Of course this tutorial comes from The Beauty Department so you know it’s going to be a good one! We just love that site. Anyway, we hope this helps with all of your eye-liner […]

Trending Tuesday – Animal Printed Nails!

Grrrrowl! We know that fun fingernails are all the rage right now. So we wanted to share this nifty tutorial we found from www.thebeautydepartment.com! Who doesn’t love leopard? Well, we have your leopard print nail tutorial right here! Check it out: Pretty, right? Here are the steps – Cheetah print nails have been around for […]