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Wish List Wednesday – Savannah’s Wishes!

Savannah is a frequent flyer at Polish Boutique. We love her and asked her to do a wish list for us! Here’s a little more about Savannah – A little info about me… I work in Accounts Payable at Mobile Area Water & Sewer Systems, and I’ve been there for 5 years. I live in […]

Wedneday Wish List – Kate’s Wishes!

Have you heard of the blog, Collect 5? It’s a blog that we Polish girls frequent! Collect 5 is packed with things to inspire your kitchen, your home and especially your closet! One thing we love most about this blog is that it’s comprised of a party of 5 – All gal pals scattered across […]

Wish List Wednesday: Dana

Today we have a wish list from a local mom that Loves Polish! She is a mother of 2 beautiful red-headed girls, an awesome singer, funny, inspiring, and a Facebook extraordinaire…. Seriously, she posts the most hilarious things! All Images from Google Image Search   1.  Hobo Wallet.  Sure, I have a cute wallet – […]

Wednesday Wishlist: Kelly’s Wishes

Sure, you’re probably wondering how anyone could have a wish list this soon after Christmas but if you are really honest with yourself we are pretty certain that even you could name a few things that you are still wishing for! Plus, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s never too soon to […]

Wednesday Wishlist: Marques Ivy’s Wishes

We apologize for our absence. We’ve missed you! We are happy to say that the Holidays have treated us well and we’ve just been really busy fulfilling orders! Thankfully, today, we’ve had the chance to get our wish list ready to share with you and are so excited to introduce you to Marques Ivy! Marques […]

Wednesday Wish List: Benji’s wishes:

Some call him Benjamin, some call him Ben. I? I call him Benji. He’s my brother and that is his name. My brother, Benji lives in Fort Worth Texas. He is a music teacher and a mind molder. When he’s not chasing his 1 year old son, Gibson around, he is turning wood, smoking his […]

Wish List Wednesday: Sarah’s Wishes

Today’s Wish list comes from Sarah! Sarah is currently a high school student. She is super busy with homework, cross country and soccer. When Sarah’s not doing one fo those three things, she’s usually chilling out at the movies or getting some grub with her friends. We asked what was currently on her wish list […]