The Braided Bun – A tutorial

By Polish

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For those of you that live in Mobile or the south, you know all about how hot and humid it can get down here. For those of you that don’t live down here, consider yourself blessed! Our weather can get pretty steamy and the effects of steamy weather on our hair are not always pretty.

If you are like me and have long hair, then you know that having hair on your neck in the heat of the day is like wearing an afghan and walking around in the dessert. It’s HOT and sweaty (ew). Because I have long hair and often suffer from this, I’ve been trying to find new alternatives to the classic ponytail or messy bun. I want to have more interesting layers to my hair even when it’s up. So I found this pretty cool tutorial from Wendy on having a braided bun. I think this look will be pretty and dressy but would also contrast nicely with a t-shirt and some cut offs. So check it out, I’m sure you could add this to your “cool hair do repertoire: for the summer and for seasons on after!

That doesn’t look too difficult and I bet you will receive LOADS of complements! If you complete this, post a picture of yourself wearing this braided bun on our facebook page! We’ll love it!

Thanks for reading! Have a great hump day!

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