The Polish Gals Run From Memphis to Mobile to Support St. Jude!

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Have you ever been driving down the road to and had to come to a halt because there was a runner running with a bright orange or yellow caution belt on and a shirt that said, “Running for ____” with a caravan of trucks or campers following close by? At first, you might be a little frustrated because you were in a hurry to get somewhere but then you realize what is really going on you become awestruck! It’s pretty inspiring to see people running grave distances to raise awareness and money for a cause they are passionate about. That’s just what our very own Mandy Calderone and Amber Forbes (along with about 34 other runners) are doing this week! The third annual St. Jude Memphis to Mobile Run is underway. The first runners hit the pavement around 12 p.m. Wednesday in Memphis and all of them together will finish the run tomorrow at the Battleship!

You may have noticed that we always have a jar for donations to support St. Jude and sometimes Soles4Souls. The money you give really does make a difference! The relay run raises money for South Alabama’s children being treated by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. Remember those cute ponytail holders that we sold in the store? That money is going to St. Jude as well! Your contributions make a HUGE difference and we thank you for all of your support!

St. Jude gives parents peace of mind to focus on their child instead of medical bills. St. Jude treats children battling cancer and other terminal illnesses.

The St. Jude Memphis to Mobile Run first took place in 2010 with around 26 runners participating. Over the four day, 391 mile journey each runner logs about 40 miles.

The run will end at Battleship Park Saturday, May 19, and the community is invited to cheer the runners in. They will be in the Mobile area around 10 a.m. and run down University Blvd., right onto Old Shell Road, right on Ann Street, left onto Government Blvd. through the tunnel, onto the causeway, and end at Battleship Park. Arrival time at the park is planned between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m.

Be sure to come by and cheer everyone on! Again, thanks for your support! Source

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