Trending Tuesday – Animal Printed Nails!

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Grrrrowl! We know that fun fingernails are all the rage right now. So we wanted to share this nifty tutorial we found from! Who doesn’t love leopard? Well, we have your leopard print nail tutorial right here! Check it out:

Pretty, right? Here are the steps –

Cheetah print nails have been around for some time now but we’ve never actually done a tutorial on them. We got a lot of requests after last week’s Mani Monday heart tutorial, so we’re going for it!

TOOLS: 2 toothpicks, black nail polish (American Apparel “Hassid”), gold nail polish (American Apparel “Gold Flash”), clear coat.

PREP: Use any color your want on the base of your nails. Make sure they’re fully dry before starting on these spots.

  1. Take your toothpick and tap it on the table or counter a few times to flatten out the tip. That will make your toothpick more like a dotting tool. Flattening the tip will help you pick up a little more nail polish.
  2. Create 2 little puddles using the gold and black. (Dipping your toothpick in the nail polish bottle is quite messy + you don’t want to leave your nail polish bottle open for too long either.)
  3. Dip your toothpick into the gold and make a messy oval “blob” shape on your nail.
  4. After the gold dries, surround them with black. Leave an opening between the black here and there.
  5. Now let’s see it closer up! Free-hand a gold “blob” shape.
  6. After it dries, take black and start surrounding the shape on one side. Think of it like putting messy parenthesis around your gold blob.
  7. Now do your messy parenthesis shape on the other side. You can even join them together on one side if you want.
  8. Do assorted shapes. Leave various gaps in the black polish. None of the spots should look the same. Once everything is dry, go over the spots with a top coat.

My only complaint is that they did this on something that was not a fingernail. I wonder if it’d be that easy in real life. TRY IT! Let us know how it works for you!?

Here’s a link to the source.

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