Trending Tuesday: AnYtHInG Goes!

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Let’s face it, when it comes to fashion, ANYTHING GOES – even on the runway! There are no rules and if there are we say break them! Fashion is the way we express ourselves. Are you a little on Preppy side? Perhaps more Bohemian? Or do you lean more to the Classics? Whatever you are, you know that you can take any piece and make it yours. Do what you like. Yeah, we talk about trends. You really can’t ignore them, but we don’t allow them to dictate what we like. If you like something, WEAR IT! Who cares if it’s “in” or “out”!

Just look at these designer dresses. There are SO MANY different styles! In fact, there is something for everyone. It’s hard to say that there is just ONE trend because every season is composed of a thousand trends! We love them all!

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These are just a few of this season’s trends that you may or may not want to take part in. If you don’t – it’s no biggie! Again, do what you love.

Here are a few pieces from our website that may help you complete your look:

Clearly there are pieces here that could accomodate anyone’s personal style. Remember… Fashions Fade, but style is eternal! Be your own person and find your own personal style. Then, you will be able to take pieces from every season, combine them with other pieces that you already have and make them truly yours.

Everything you see is available online at

Thank you for reading! Remember, Dress for YOU! Wear what YOU love!


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