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We are hot for Cross Body bags right now and we think that if you are going to partake in any of the fall trends, this would be the one to participate in. Why? Because these bags are fashionable, comfortable and sit conveniently on shoulder while crossing around your body and onto your hip. They’re hands-free fashion! Just another accessory to wear without having to worry if it’s going to fall off your shoulder while your standing in a store somewhere looking at something, holding a latte, shopping bags and your iphone. In the past, our bag has fallen and jerked our arm down causing our HOT latte to splash all over our white blouse. UGH! We really hate when that happens! We hate it so much we haven’t even carried a purse in awhile, but now, even we are thinking about investing in our own cross-body bag.

Here are a few that we have at Polish Boutique and

These are only 38 bucks!

We also love this little guy:

Just $36.50

Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilson are sporting cross body bags too:

(Images courtesy of

You can also take bags that are more like regular handbags or totes and use the strap that comes along with them. Just adjust the strap so that it is as long as it can be. This Umber Urbanite purse is a perfect example of a normal purse that can be converted into a cross-body:

It’s just $56.50. It also comes in a variety of other colors.

The Modern Marie Antoinette, just $49.50, is another great example and is sweet but edgy at the same time:

There are so many great options that Polish has to offer! Of course if you like more structured bags, we have those as well.

It’s fun to trend spot, but it’s also fun to trend set, so wear what you love and tell us all about it!

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