Trending Tuesday – Do You Hair Do?

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Sometimes you just need a make over! Besides buying new clothes from us, another way to give yourself a completely new look is by getting yo hair did. 🙂 Here are some of our favorite hair trends! Whether your hair is short or long, there are a lot of fun ways to wear your hair this season! Check em’ out –

Lauren Conrad always has the BEST hair! I covet her hair! Now she’s pulling dip-dying out of the hat! She’s got it going on with the oh so classic pony. Then, she mixes it up a bit with a hot pink dip-dye! LOVE! If you don’t want to commit to something so extreme, get the new color chalks made just for your hair!

Here, her hair is a little dip dyed, a little ombre.. still so pretty!

Mischa bBrton has Ombre hair. If you have roots showing, embrace them! Ombre is sticking around for a little while longer. I love the depth it creates!

Braids are everywhere but I love how Victoria Beckham wears hers! It has such a retro feel to it! part your bangs in the middle then add a little volume to the back! I wish my husband could braid because I’m not sure I could create this myself. Drat!

Beckham is doing it right here, again with a classic pony! BTW – Did you know that Ponytails are one of guys favorite ways a girl can wear her hair? They’ve done polls and ponytails always come out on top! Victoria knows – She got David!

Olivia Palmero and I would surely be friends. I LOVE her style! She is beautiful. Here, she is sporting the classic ponytail! Doesn’t she look flawless?

Ok, Lindsay Lohan has issues… but maybe she’s bouncing back? Her hair looks bouncy and fabulous and apparently her auburn colored tresses are all the rage in the color department. I’ve always thought she had pretty locks. She looks like a flower child. Which reminds me, going to the Hangout Music Fest? All of these are GREAT ways to wear your hair during the music fest!

Michelle Williams is so pretty to me. She’s a modern day Twiggie with her pixie cut and I must say, she has precious baby doll style. I saw in an interview, that while most men don’t like the pixie cut, hers did. She cut her hair for Heath Ledger — he loved it. Isn’t that sweet? If you are brave enough to try it, I say Go for it! You could always donate the locks to Locks of Love! 🙂

More braids. There’s a reason, though! They are just so pretty! You might need an entire pack of bobby pins for this do, though.

I hope this post gives you some hairspiration! I think there are plenty of ideas to get you going and plenty of cute clothes to compliment these hairdos on our site and in our store! Do something different this summer! Remember, if you cut your hair it will always grow back and if you dye your hair.. you can always get it cut and redyed 🙂 It’s just hair! Have fun!

Stay tuned for a make up tutorial!!!!



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