Trending Tuesday: Girl Cute vs. Boy Cute

By Polish

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Have you ever noticed that many men think the fashion we love is ridiculous? We might love a popping shade of lipstick and they just think it gets in the way… or what about a top knot? We think, “Lauren Conrad has such great style with her cute giant top knot bun! I want my hair to look like that!” They think, “What is that giant bun thing on her head? She looks weird.” It’s true. We like what we like and can leave it at that but most guys like things simple, classic and alluring. We think we are always alluring… even while wearing the cute and quirky little sweater with the giant fox face on it. They, however, would beg to differ. Here are a few more things we differ on:

We girls love drama! Drama, drama, drama! Especially on our eyes:

Many guys say less is more. Try wearing only mascara one day.. see if your fella notices!

Fun fingernails are all the rage! From Tuxedo dressed nails to chevron motifs we can’t get enough of fancy fingernails:

Most guys prefer French Manicures or brightly colored nails. Nothing too crazy.

You know the girls over at Polish love a Top Knot!

Boys prefer Ponytails…

Girls often love the pop that a bright, red lip can create:

Boys like a natural lip. Lipstick and gloss just get in the way! (I can vouch for this.. my husband hates when I wear it! 😉

Girls have no limit to how short or long their hair goes! We love it all:

Guys like it lonnnnggg (that’s because they don’t have to fix it!)

All of the above pertain to makeup and hair but when it comes to clothes, it’s another story! A good rule of thumb is that if it is at all outlandish, a guy probably won’t like it… unless he’s a cool fashion guy like the Sartorialist.

In the end, guys are pretty simple. I think I’m going to conclude that they really do prefer the natural look. They really do think less is more.. well, in some areas 😉

We hope this was a fun blog post! In the end, it doesn’t really matter what they like. Wear what makes you feel the most confident! 🙂

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