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I don’t know about you, but any time I get to dress up for anything, I get so excited! I always try to be something a little unique and unexpected. I love creating my own costumes. It seems like these days more and more people like to buy their costumes, but to me, that takes all of the fun out of it! Why don’t you take the money you’d spend on some silly costume and make your own instead!

A great place to start is your closet. Go through your closet and see what might work for the look you are trying to create. What do you currently own that would work for a costume? Then, if you need to go out and buy any accessories, you can. We love taking everyday clothes and making them work! For example, take a cute cocktail dress and become a modern day princess! If anything, it will give you an excuse to buy a new dress rather than some silly get-up you’ll donate to the thrift store in a week!

Some popular costumes this year are:

Christina Ricci’s PAN-AM Stewardess Look

Wilfred – This guy is from a new movie called Wilfred. We haven’t seen it yet, but it definitely seems intriguing!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to paint my body blue. There’s no better time than now! Be Smurfette! She may be blue, but she’s anything but sad!

If you want to be something that’s pretty but love scary costumes, why not be The Black Swan? She was haunted by her thoughts and is incredibly dark… however, still so beautiful!

Who doesn’t love long hair!? You may need extensions for this one, though! Rapunzel is definitely a fun and unique choice for a costume! Be sure your hair doesn’t get stepped on out there, that could hurt!

Nicki Minaj might be a fun look to recreate, but let’s keep it classy, ladies! (This might be hard to do when dressing up like her) — No offense, Nicki!

With all of the interesting characters out in the world today, you’re sure to find a great costume! You don’t have to go and buy your costume, though! Be creative and make your own just by shopping in your closet!

Here, Mandy is going to show you a few looks that she created by doing just that — shopping in her closet!

Look how cute you can be! Just by adding a few costume accessories, you can have a full costume without a full price tag! If you do decide that you need a dress or shirt to complete the look, just stop by Polish Boutique and our expert Stylists will help you find just what you are looking for!

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween! 🙂

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