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We’ve compiled a list of a few things that we’ve been thinking about lately. These particular “outs” aren’t exactly “out” but they pale in comparison to the “ins”.. at least we think so…Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean:

Lip Stick is BACK. Maybe I’m just “older”, but I love lip stick now. I love the opaque sultriness of a red lip! It illuminates the face and makes you feel like such a lady! Plus, you don’t have to worry about your hair sticking to your lips when the wind blows. We like Clinique’s Different Lip Stick. It’s hypoallergenic, it moisturizes and is pretty affordable! If you are afraid to make the big jump to lip stick, try Clinique’s Almost Lipstick! It will give your lips a stained look that looks like you’ve been sipping red wine.. nothing wrong with that!

Alternatively, lip gloss, we’ve found, is fleeting, sticky and just gets in the way! Sure it smells tasty and sometimes has great moisturizing benefits but we are thinking we’ll just use it on occasion. We don’t hate it and it’s not technically “out” but when we compare it to its cooler, older sister, we can’t help but say, “au revoir”!

Next up are patterned tights! We cannot get enough of these sweet little lovelies! We like tights with shorts and boots or booties! Such a cute look, but we also love pretty patterned tights with any kind of dress. These polka dotted tights will be perfect for the Holidays! Polka dots are not the only option, though. We’ve seen everything from leopard print (grrrrowl) to stripes! Give them a try! You’ll be fun and fancy free!

With all of the fabulous options for keeping your legs warm this season, why would you go bare legged? Ok, I understand that most people associate tights with panty hose and panty hose with old ladies but look, if you find a pair that fit you well, you will have no problem wearing them! Plus, the look is flawless! They give your leg a lean silhouette and they also give the illusion that whatever dress you are wearing is actually a little longer. This, of course, comes in handy with the dresses you may be wearing from the warmer months into winter. We think once you wear tights this season, you will never want to go bare legged in the winter again!

Since it is the Holiday Season, we are thinking about gift giving. I don’t know about you, but I love originality. I also love anything hand made. Why not gift some very unique gifts this year that are one of a kind! If you are pretty creative, make your own. If you are lacking in that area, why not hit up Etsy or local craft shows in your area. You’ll be amazed at the options they have! You’ll be able to shop for everyone on your list. Here are a few things we’ve found here:

It’s ok to shop from larger corporations, sometimes they are more affordable and have more to offer but we are tired of the run-of-the-mill. Our friends and family deserve better! That’s why we are shopping on Etsy this year! A hand made gift is a thoughtful gift!

And finally, PINTEREST! Most of you probably have an account with Pinterest but if you don’t, you should definitely get one. As far as we’re concerned, Pinterest is the NEW Facebook! If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, check it out here.

You have to be invited to join Pinterest but that gives the community an exclusivity to it. It also weeds out the rift raft! Pinterest is basically a place for you to catalog things that inspire you. You have different “boards” with different categories. For example, I have one for my house, recipes, fashion, animals, etc.. etc.. and as you surf the web, you simply “pin” things to your boards! It’s so easy and such a great source for inspiration! If you don’t have it you should try to get an invite 🙂

We like facebook for the opportunities it provides our business and it allows people to keep in touch with their friends, post pictures, etc.. But now.. we’re always on Pinterest! We think the pictures are prettier? 🙂

So that’s just a few of the silly things on our IN/OUT list. Again, not all of these are really “out” but we just like the “in” things better!

Thanks for reading! What are you tired of? What do you LOVE? We’d love to know! Email us at! We’d love to feature you!


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