Trending Tuesday: Polka Dots

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As we approach fall, we keep a watchful eye on the many trends that are on their way to us. We know that the wearable fashions that we purchase have been greatly influenced by the top fashion houses in Paris, Milan, New York and many other places. We want to shed a little light on those trends and show you how Polish can help you achieve the of-the-moment looks for less!

Today we are Spotting Polka Dots! Of course, we’ve always considered Polka Dots a classic print, but they are very trendy this season as they have been all over the Fall runways!

We first spotted these perfect Polka Dots on Kate Winslet. Here, she is wearing a unique take on Polka Dots from Stella McCartney’s Fall 2011 line. We love the nude fabric that creates the illusion of skin with polka dots and the relationship between the positive and negative space. This dress is incredibly creative and Polished!

Diane Von Furstenburg and Marc Jacobs have also gotten on the Polka Dot bandwagon! Here are some of their glamorous designs working the runway:

We love the dash of red that DVF has incorporated into her design. It’s icing on the already delicious polka dotted cupcake! Too bad these come with such a high price tag, BUT Polish can help with that. We have our own variations of polka dots that you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe! You can wear them now and into the fall:

We have the cute little Dreamy Dot dress in the classic polka dot that is perfect for an everyday outfit or any occasion!

The Cropped Happy Go Lucky top that is playful and eye-catchy. Wear it with jeans or a cute Maxi Skirt.

And finally, the awesomely clad, Sweetly Seurat tunic. We love the modern take on polka dots here and especially love the back of this tunic. We’ve paired this with skinny jeans and boots, but for now you could wear it with some leggings and a tank top underneath. Dress it up or down, this tunic is very wearable and cute!

The great thing about Polish Polka Dots are the prices and the look. Get the look for less with us! These are available online at but we have many more great looks for less in the store!

We will continue to keep you posted on the latest Fall trends every Tuesday! If there are any trends that you would like to know more about, just let us know! We love to hear feedback.

Thanks for reading and stay Polished!

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