Trending Tuesday – The Messy Side Braid

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Braids are everywhere! Braids work and are so pretty, alluring, romantic, sassy, youthful, organic and best of all EASY! When your hair is a mess, just braid it! You will look effortlessly chic with a cool braid. We have a new favorite and wanted to take Trending Tuesday to show it to you! It is probably one of the easiest to recreate. We found the tutorial on The Beauty Department Blog (Our FAVORITE). We’ve tested it and it really works. You’ll get compliments and you’ll be so glad that you have a new braid to add to your repertoire!

In a regular braid there are 3 strands. For this look, all you do is braid one of those strands beforehand and loosen it up with your fingers, then braid as usual. This creates extra texture + breaks up the mundane pattern of a regular braid. (BAM WAM, THANK YOU MA’AM!)

How easy, right?

Here’s a video of Lauren on Chelsea Lately sporting the same fabulous braid:

REMEMBER – Results will vary. Not everyone has their own personal hair stylist. Just make sure your hair is day old and a little textured. Use a few bobby pins to secure the back.

Lauren is so cute! I really do think we’d be friends in real life! That sounds a little weird. Ok, well we hope you try this braid! if you do, let us know how it goes! TAG US ON FB!

Thanks for reading and Happy Tues!


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