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By Polish

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If you haven’t noticed, you must be blind, because the seventies are BACK. They visited in the summer and decided to kick it on through the fall! Don’t you just love the seventies? We do and we’ve got the clothes to prove it. Billowy blouses, floppy hats and Marsha Bradyesque dresses that complement all body types!  From the more conservative seventies hipster to the far out flower child. We have everything you need to participate in the trend. See for yourself:

First, we have this fabulous orange frock. When we see the color orange, we immediately think of the 70’s? Maybe because orange was such a great complement to our mother’s Chartreuse shag carpet? (We aren’t joking) We love orange and it’s HOT for fall! We love this dress because it’s such a flattering silhouette. We especially love this style with boots. Add a huge taupe bag and you are in business! We’re pretty sure that we’d give Marsha a run for her money. Here, we’ve belted it but there are SO many things you could do to really make this “you”.

Holy Boho! Taylor is totally channeling Janis Joplin with her big floppy felt hat. She looks effortlessly chic with this wispy A-line butterfly sleeve dress. Why not add some tall flat boots that lace up in the back! We are pretty sure Taylor, here, was born in the wrong era! We love this look! We cannot get enough of the 70’s!

Just when we didn’t think it could get any better, Taylor is spotted wearing this billowy blouse with skinnies and an awesome gold necklace-turned-headband. She is totally rocking a hippy vibe, here. This top would also look great tucked into some high waisted flares accompanied by some platforms.

The seventies were one of those iconic eras that continues to repeat itself. Sometimes we ask why but when you think about it, the answer is so clear! It was one of the most influential time periods. The fashion was a byproduct of all of the changes that were going on in the world. We can’t help but embrace the fashion from that decade because, well, it’s totally groovy baby, yeah!

All of the outfits are currently available in the store. Some pieces are available online. Check em’ out and thanks for reading!


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