Trending Tuesday: What’s “In” What’s “Out”?

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Today we have a fun Trending Tuesday and we might make this a frequent post, we are doing an in/out list. You’ve seen them before and maybe even have questioned them before. (We have) but they are still super fun to create, so we are making one! We’re sure you have things that you are tired of. If you do, TELL US! We’d love to know! Until then, here are some of the things we LOVE and some of the things we LOATHE! (No offense if you participate in a loathing trend.. we still love you!)

We LOVE Kate Middleton’s Conservative, classy and alluring style. She dresses beautifully and always leaves plenty to the imagination and always, of course, looks Polished. We should all take a cue from Kate! This particular dress fits her beautifully. It’s even endearing, with its little girl-like style. She looks like a doll! We’re jealous.

We LOATHE when girls wear clothes that are too tight! Go up a size! You’re not doing yourself or anyone else any favors. In Hillary’s defense, we do think she’s pregnant in this picture, but hello people, that’s even MORE reason not to wear a super tight (and short) dresses? We won’t say what she looks like but we know you’re all thinking it. We just don’t get it.

We LOVE girls that embrace their pretty hair! Sure, wearing it down is fine, but why wear it down everyday when you can do something super cool with it. Right now we are loving a classic bun! Big buns are chic and sassy! They will transform your entire look! Even if you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans! Add a giant bun and BAM! you will look like you are on your way to ballet auditions… and we don’t know about you but we’ve never seen an ugly ballerina.

We are so over the SLICK STRAIGHT hair. (Sorry Bilson) It’s so blase. We understand that some people just have straight hair and it’s hard to make voluminous but don’t wear it straight every single day of your life! Do a cute fishtail braid or do a big bun! It IS possible! You’ll be super surprised at the response that you get! Try it! Here’s a great place to view a TON of hair tutorials.

We are LOVING Birthday Brunches with Champagne and eggs Benedict! Why not celebrate your next Birthday “ladies who brunch style”! It will be so fun to get a little dressed up for a day time affair! Plus, you won’t have to worry about being out too late.. oh.. and let’s not forget the pancakes and coffee!

We’re kind of over the typical birthday dinner! That’s so boring! Do something different! IT doesn’t have to be lavish but just different? (We’re preaching to ourselves, here) Plus, we get tired in the evening and just want to go home. Call us for brunch the next day! Hey — the Early bird gets the worm, right?

We’re huge fans of shopping locally and supporting the little guy. Whether it’s seriously local or if it’s a small business that make their own products on say, Etsy. We love to support them and you should to! It’s what makes the world go round. (BTW, this is not a shameless plug)

Of course sometimes you have to shop at the larger corporations — we do too.. but sometimes there are ways around it. We’re tired of them taking over the mom and pop shops! We are fighting back and you should too!

These are just a few of the many trends that we will talk about on our Trending Tuesday blog. Trends are more than just fashion so why not discuss them all! Please, if there is a trend that you LOVE or one that you LOATHE, tell us! We’d love to blog about it.

As always, thanks for reading!

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