Watcha wearin’ on the 4th? We’ve got ya covered!

By Polish

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Quick Update — We’ve been super busy moving and planning and vacationing so our little blog has suffered. We apologize. We are back and planning some super exciting things for our blog so be excited and keep on reading!

So, the 4th is on Wednesday! Weird, huh? Who made that decision anyway? If you are like me, and work monday thru friday, a middle of the work week holiday is just weird! It’s such a tease. But The good thing is that it IS a holiday and I’ll take what I can get!

Most people will be at any of the bodies of water that are available to us gulf coasters, but what if you don’t live near water or have access to a swimming pool? You better dress cool! It’s hot out there! Here are some of our favorite Americana ensembles that we think will work perfectly for the fourth!

The denim shorts that Hannah is wearing in the third picture from the left are shorts that she upcycled! Old Calvin Klein blue jeans that she simply cut off! How cute! The rest of the clothes are available in our store! Don’t you love those polka dotted shoes?

We hope you have a terrific 4th of July! Be safe, stay cool and have fun!




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