Wednesday Wish List: Boots

By Polish

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We are agonizingly counting down the days until the cooler weather gets here. We suppose talking about it isn’t going to help but we can’t help but talk about it when we are surrounded by so many cute boots that are calling out to us everyday! “Wearrrr meeee….. wearrrrrr meeeee!” We would wear them if it wasn’t so dang hot outside! Meanwhile in other parts of the ol’ country, people really are able to wear warm cable knit sweaters, tall riding boots and long johns (he he). It’s not fair I tell ya.. it’s just not fair! The good news is, we don’t have to wait to purchase our boots or our our long johns. We’ll just go ahead and claim the ones we want… before they’re gone! Some are pricer and some are Polished, but either way, they are fabulous and we can’t wait to get some snazzy boots! Here’s our wish list:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

There are of boots that are  on our mental wish list but these stand out to us immediately! We have the edgy booties, the classic tall riding boot and the bohemian-chic moccasins! We are all set for fall!

Here are even more boots that Shoe Polish currently has in the store:

1. $40.50; 2. $42; 3. $46; 4. $44.50; 5. $28.50

The great thing about the boots that Shoe Polish offers is that they are chic and affordable! You can get multiple pairs of boots for the season! Polish makes it easy for you to have what you want!

We’d love to hear more about the boots you’re craving! What’s on your fall wish list? Is there something that you’d like for Polish Boutique or Shoe Polish to carry? Let us know! We want to serve YOU!

Here’s to gorgeous boots and a fabulous fall…. if.. it.. will… EVER.. get here! 🙂

Thanks for reading & Don’t forget about the shoes on!

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