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Today’s wish list comes from Brandy, a senior from the University of Alabama! Brandy, known as “The Girl with Bangs”, is looking forward to graduating in May with a degree in advertising! After graduation, she is going to portfolio school and then plans on living in NEW YORK! (FUN) She loves shopping, photography, going out with friends, painting, reading and of course, pinning all of her favorite things on pinterest! We are so excited to have Brandy, a beautiful and creative fashionista share her wish list with us today! Check it out:


1. I can’t wait until summertime! Bikinis, sandals, and sun dresses. I’m obsessed with Tory Burch because her designs are simple yet very chic. These sandals are amazing and would go with just about anything.

2. I have an obsession with purses, especially Michael Kors. Pink is my favorite color and I love the bright shade of it on this purse!

3.Told y’all pink was my favorite color… I love the Barbie-esque look of pink and white together. I’m in love with this cardigan, yet sadly the closest H&M is in Atlanta and they do not have online ordering yet. Depressing.

4. This top is gorgeous! It is right on trend with the peplum flare, and super feminine with the polka dots.

5. Since I’m studying Advertising, I am constantly using the Adobe Creative Suite programs. Having these programs on my own laptop would make my life a lot easier!

Well, that’s Brandy’s wish list! Thanks, Brandy, for sharing it with us. We are so excited about your upcoming graduation and plans for portfolio school and New York! We know you’ll make it!

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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