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Today’s 4th and final Christmas wish list comes from John Calderone! John is a CPA in Mobile. Like many men from around this area, John loves to hunt but when he’s not shooting wild game, he enjoys crafting things from lumber. He’s a real man’s man. If your fella is a man’s man that enjoys the wilderness, hunting and building things, then this wish list is definitely for you! Yes, you only have a few more days to shop but it’s better late than never. Here it is:


1. I sure could use a universal remote for all of my electronics. This one is a nice option with several features.

2. These golf balls are perfect for amateur golf swings.

3. This is an electric Charcoal Starter. This tool ignites charcoal without matches or lighter fluid. Then, you don’t have to worry about having that taste on the food that you are grilling. Let’s face it.. nobody likes that!

4. This is a rangefinder. It’s used in hunting and it gives you an exact distance to your target. It’s the best on the market and any hunter would appreciate having it.

5. This is the perfect gadget for those that buy meat from the butcher or kill their own. It carefully vacuum seals the food without damaging it. This way, no moisture or air will be in the bag and the meat will be as fresh as the day it was killed.

6. Of course if you are a hunter, you probably like making deer jerky. This Dehydrator is a great tool to do that. You can also make dried fruit for trail mix.

7. I’d like a camcorder to record all of life’s little moments that you never want to forget. Sometimes a still photo just doesn’t cut it. This is the perfect size and it’s 1080P so it will translate nicely to our flat screen.

That’s all for now!

Thanks, John, for sharing your list with us! We are sure that it will help any girl’s with their last minute shopping ideas!

Thanks for reading have a great night!


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