Wednesday Wishlist: Christina’s Wishes

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Tonight’s wish list is from Christina Norris. Christina is a wife, mom and social worker. Christina has two adorable sons, so there’s never a dull moment! She’s pretty much Super Mom! Christina recently moved down to Mobile from Sylacauga! They don’t have a Polish Boutique there, but Christina is hoping they will find out about Polish because, well, we do have some pretty cute stuff that she thinks Sylacauga (and you) should know about! 😉

Here’s Christina’s wish list:


1. It’d be nice to have a date night! My husband and I rarely get a night to ourselves since we have 2 children. I think it’s about time we get one! 🙂

2. I love this Kimono Cardigan. The colors are neutral and will go with just about anything. I love the chevron pattern and especially love the versatility that this piece has. I’d say it’s a worthy investment!

3. Since I do have 2, well actually 3 boys in my house (including my husband), I rarely get a moment of peace! It would be so nice to have a relaxing bubble bath in the peace and quiet. Candles would be nice but aren’t required.

4. They are rambunctious little fellas but I love them so much! I’d love to go on a date with my sweet boys — just the three of us! Who knows what we’ll do but there’s always an adventure waiting for us!

5. Oh how I love pedicures. They are a treat for me! I can’t wait to have one!

6. I love, love, love FRYE boots! These are a little more costly but I think they are totally worth it! Right now, I have some Frye ankle boots and they are SUPER comfy! I’d definitely love to have some tall Frye boots. Maybe Santa Clause will bring me some (hint hint).


A special thanks goes to Christina for sharing her wish list with us! Now go take a load off and get pampered! You are so busy taking care of everyone else that you forget to take care of yourself! You go get you that pedicure! You deserve it! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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