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Sure, you’re probably wondering how anyone could have a wish list this soon after Christmas but if you are really honest with yourself we are pretty certain that even you could name a few things that you are still wishing for! Plus, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s never too soon to start dropping a few hints here or there. 🙂

Today’s wish list comes from Kelly McKinley. She is one of our favorite Polish Pals and she was kind enough to share her fabulous wishes with us:

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1. A very tiny diamond cross neckalce.  I want one that I can wear with anything and everything…. T-shirt and jeans or the nicest dress that I own.  These are pretty hard to find, but the perfect one is out there and when I see it… it’ll be WISH list history!

2. Slippers.  This was on my Christmas wishlist but somehow it was forgotten. I DID get some really softy and fuzzy slipper socks which are AMAZING (thank you Scott & Amanda) but I just can’t get away from these cute sock monkey ones.  It’s okay to have more than one pair of comfy slippers.

3. Makeup brushes.  I have to say that my mom TRIED. She was overwhelmed by the makeup brush experience. When the Bobby Brown representative started quizzing her as to what I NEEDED and already had, she quit. She did however, give me a gift card to Belk so that I could take care of this item for myself.  Bobby Brown really does carry some amazing brush sets.

4. Riding boots.  Okay, I admit that I have like a gazillion pairs of boots but, this is called a WISH list so I’m allowed.  I really want a cute pair of riding boots that will accompany a more casual look. Maybe next year…

5. Last but CERTAINLY not least, I would always always always take a gift card to the Battle House Spa! This picture of the “quiet room” is one of my favorite places, and this picture does not do it justice. I dream about it while sitting at work.. My friend, Amber and I bought each other facials for Christmas and it was one of my all-time favorite gifts. Is it bad that I still would have more spa time?  You really can’t have too much spa time! And if you can’t be greedy in your WISH LIST then what’s the point of a wish list at all?!

Thanks, Kelly, for sharing your fun wish list for us! We hope all your wishes come true!

Oh no! How could I have forgotten!? I just realized that I left one of the BEST items off of Kelly’s wish list! A birch Box! Yes! IT is amazing:

6. Birch Box! I have to admit that I did not start dropping hints about the Birch Box until it was really too late but… Here’s a hint NOW (Just in case anyone who loves me is reading this blog).  I send my husband text messages far too often with the screen shot of this website. (

Sorry that we left that off the wish list! That is the perfect gift to get anyone! Boys, if you are reading, keep that in your digital roledex 😉

We hope you enjoy our little wish lists. If you’d ever like to participate, email us at we’d love to have some of our readers featured on our blog!

Thanks for reading!

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