What are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

By Polish

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We’ve been thinking and thinking and we just can’t decide how we want to spend New Years! So, we thought, “Why not ask our readers?” So, we’re asking and we’re hoping you tell us because we NEED ideas!

Here’s a fun little diddy we thought you’d enjoy on the subject:

If you already have plans for something festive, we’re certain we have just what you need to make it a Polished night of champagne kisses! Hop on over to our website (or store) and see for yourself! Until then, here are a few of our New Year’s FAVORITES:

We love all of these! When we think about New Year’s Eve, we often think Silver and Gold, but why not add a little color into your night with the Twirl dress? It’s perfect for dancing:

Whatever you do, have a great New Year! Be Spontaneous, Be Kind and Be Polished!


Thanks for reading!

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