Wish List Wednesday: Amy’s wishes!

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Amy is a dear friend of Polish Boutique. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and often shops from our online Boutique, PolishBoutique.com. Amy is a wife, mother and orthodontist assistant. When she’s not putting braces on people’s teeth, she’s often shopping for clothes! Since she’s been a mommy, she’s put her wardrobe on the back burner and moved her daughters to the forefront. We’re thinking she probably has a lot of wishes on her list right now! Let’s check em’ out:

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1. An SUV.  Can I pick 2 that are my favorites?  Either a: Volvo XC90- I need a bigger car for toting around Anna Grace and all her stuff.  Plus Volvo’s are one of the safest cars, and since I had Anna Grace I want the best and safest things for her.  It is really pretty and not too big.  OR a Toyota 4-Runner- Also very safe and bigger than my Camry so I would have plenty of room for all her stuff.  I just can’t decide which one I would want more.

2. Camel Bohemian Rhapsody Boots from Polish- Chasing around a 1 1/2 year old makes it hard to wear my cute heels but I’ve gotten some cute flats, now I need boots that are flat or have little wedge that I can put on with dresses or jeans.  These would be perfect to make me look like a cute mom! I will take a 7 1/2 🙂

3. My wonderful husband got me pearl earrings for our 4th wedding anniversary and now I just need the necklace to match…hint hint!! Pearls are very classic and I love them!  Pearls are also something that I will be able to pass down to Anna Grace one day and she could possibly wear them on her wedding day…that’s if her dad lets her date!

4. Now that Anna Grace is a little older, she doesn’t require as much. I’d love to have a nice tote bag that will double as a diaper bag. Something classic and chic. You can’t go wrong with leopard! It will look great with anything I wear and this bag is well made. I need a little leopard in my life!

5. I saw this on Pinterest and I fell in love.  I think Anna Grace would love it…and mom and dad would love to play on it too!  Jeffrey even said if Anna Grace wasn’t home he would go play on it!!!

Amy is such a great mom! Being a mom requires a lot and you often forget about yourself because you are so focused on your child. Amy, you deserve for all of your wishes to come true! We hope they do!

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