Wish List Wednesday: Dennis’ wishes (Dennis is a man)

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That’s right. We are getting the wish lists of the men in our lives! We don’t know about you, but we could shop all day long for the girls that we are buying for but what about the boys? I’ve come to decide that boys are just hard to buy for? Maybe it’s because the things they always want are SO expensive! Boys like toys… expensive toys!

This wish list comes from Dennis Knox. He is a cool daddy-o to Rhett Knox and hot husband to Ashley Knox. They blog about how it ROCKS to be a KNOX. After reading hilarious posts about Rhett’s Halloween costume and His first time eating spaghetti, we’re pretty sure it does rock to be Knox! Check out Ashley’s blog here and keep reading Polished to find out what’s on Dennis’ wish list:


1. Two words: Surround. Sound. There’s not much else that needs to be said about Surround Sound. Let the sound speak for itself.

2. I’d like to add a paddle board to my collection of surf boards. Paddling is a completely new way to experience the ocean and it’s great exercise and a lot of fun.

3. Why wouldn’t I want an ATV to ride around on Cordova beach with my family?

4. Because we do go to the beach a lot, one of these Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Carts would come in handy while carrying all of our beach gear.

5. I’d like a new hoodie. You really can’t have too many hoodies, especially in VA.

Well, a special thanks goes to Dennis for sharing his wish list with us! We hope you get all of your wishes, Dennis! 😀

We hope these wish lists will be helpful to you while shopping for the fellas in your life!


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