Wish List Wednesday: Mandy’s Wishes

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Last week we asked Amber what was on her wish list and today, we are asking Polish Boutique’s other owner, Mandy, what is on hers. Here it is:


Here’s what Mandy had to say about each of her wish list items:

1. Nothing says fall like Pumpkin flavored deliciousness and my favorite pumpkin flavored food is this Pumpkin Spiced Muffin from Starbucks. What could be better than eating a pumpkin muffin with cream cheese inside? NOTHING I tell you, nothing.

2. This Italian Campaign Bed had been on my wish list for a very long time but luckily it just came off! My dear husband purchased it for me for our anniversary! Isn’t he the best? Why he’s even better than the above pumpkin spiced muffin. I love him (and this bed).

3. I have two labs (Rumor and Scout) and while they may only wear these cute vests for 8.67 minutes, I love them! I dream of family portraits where my husband, Scout, Rumor and I are decked out head to toe in red and black tartan with fall leaves underfoot. A girl can dream, right?

4. I am currently collecting as many pair of wool shorts as I can find. I plan to wear them with tights and boots. These are perfect for Mobile weather, too, because we don’t have much of a fall or winter and when paired with tights, they will keep me warm and look positively chic. I especially love these from J.crew. They are perfectly detailed in every way.

5. I’ve been lusting after this necklace from Stella & Dot for some time now. I love the large gold chain that the organic Labradorite stone hangs from. This necklace seems ancient to me and would be a great heirloom piece.

6. I Love boots! You really can’t have too many pair of boots. Currently, on the top of my boot wish list, (yes, I have an entire separate wish list for boots) I want wedged heeled boots. I especially loves these from Piperlime.

7. I am currently seeking longer style tuxedo jackets. I plan to layer them over everything. They are incredibly chic. I especially love the juxtaposition of a tuxedo jacket with denim..SO chic and so easy. This light weight tuxedo jacket from Zara will be perfect. I love the length and the wider lapel. I also like how the sleeves are pushed up for an edgier and more casual look.

So that’s Mandy’s wish list! We hope she gets everything she wishes for! THanks, Mandy for participating in our Wish List Wednesday!

If you would like to be our next candidate for Wish List Wednesday, email us at info@polishboutique.com

Thanks for reading!

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