Wish List Wednesday: Sarah’s Wishes

By Polish

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Today’s Wish list comes from Sarah! Sarah is currently a high school student. She is super busy with homework, cross country and soccer. When Sarah’s not doing one fo those three things, she’s usually chilling out at the movies or getting some grub with her friends. We asked what was currently on her wish list and this is what she had to say:


Sarah gave a brief overview as to why she wanted/needed each item:

1. I need a homecoming dress! I love the ones that Polish has… especially this one. The color is so pretty and I think it would go well with my red hair.

2. It’s raining right now and all I can think about is how I NEED (and want) cute rain boots! I love the hunter wellies! They are the highest and I need the kind that come up higher because I’m taller. This color is cool, too.

3. I am currently craving a Gyro! I love tzatziki sauce and pita bread. I would love to have one right now from the Mediterranean Sandwich Company! YUM.

4. After I eat that Gyro, I’m going to need to run it off! Ha ha! Just kidding.. (well, kind of) I run Cross Country so am always in need of new tennis shoes. These, from Nike, are really cute. I love all of the fun colors they come in!

5. I always freeze in class! This wind breaker would keep me warm in class and while I’m running in the cooler months. Plus it’s really cute and sporty.

6. I love Ryan Gosling and cannot wait to see this movie! I love anything that has a lot of action in it. This seems like it will. Plus Carey Mulligan is fun to watch too. She has great style.

7. I love owl jewelry! It’s so cute. Especially this hand made pendant from Etsy. It’s one of a kind and I don’t have to worry about other people around me having it!

8. Nike has the best running gear! They design with girls in mind, for sure. They always have the brightest colors and coolest patterns. These would look great with those nike shoes i previously mentioned. I need all of the running gear I can get my  hands on!

Well, that’s Sarah’s wish list! Thanks, Sarah, for giving us the run down on the kind of wish list a high school athlete has on their minds. We hope you have a great homecoming and good luck with your school work and cross country!

Btw, if any boys want to take Sarah to that movie, she’s free! 🙂 he he.. just kidding.. just kidding!

Have a great Wednesday! Thanks for reading!

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