Wish List Wednesday: Vicki’s Wishes

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Meet Vicki! Vicki is one of our favorite out-of-state customers! She often orders from our website and shops when she comes into town. Vicki lives in Greenville, MS with her husband Larry and 2 boys Tres and Wyatt.  Her favorite time of year is Thanksgiving for 2 reasons, black Friday shopping and spending time with family… and in that order.  The small town where she lives has limited shopping spots so she is able to save all year and splurge on a new Polish wardrobe every November. She also likes to frequent our website. Here’s her current wish list!

1.  Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks:  I am not a true coffee drinker, but something about fall makes me want a delicious coffee drink.  Cinnamon Dolce is a creamy latte with a great cinnamon and sugar taste! Almost like french toast! To me it tastes like a dessert!  We don’t have a Starbucks close to me so typically my first taste is not until Thanksgiving when I get to come to Mobile to shop, I mean spend time,with my fam.

2.  These two items are on my wish list but not for long!  A local artist in Greenville makes these cool frames with the sweetest sayings.  I fell for these two as they would look awesome together and they are things I say all the time anyway.  So I did what any smart girl would do and picked them up for my in-laws to give me for Christmas.

3.  I’m such a bag lady!  I have way too many purses, but that never stops me from finding a new one to get excited about each season.  I love the cross shoulder bags that are everywhere right now and you can’t go wrong with Fossil quality.

4. From football to the weather to dresses that you can wear with boots and tights or leggings, I love everything about fall!  This super cute dress would be a great addition to my fall wardrobe.  I love the color and shape and though I’m pretty sure I’ve not run into any Polish dresses I didn’t like, this one is my current must have.

5.  I love a cute jacket to layer in the fall for chilly mornings.  This jacket is in a great neutral color and has a great shape to it.  I could wear it over a dress to work or wear with a tee and jeans if I’m off work and just running around town with my boys.  I also really like that the length hits just at the waist…yeas I’m pretty sure I need this jacket!

So that’s Vicki’s wish list! Thanks, Vicki for sharing! We can’t wait until you come to Mobile to shop with us! 🙂

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