Wishlist Wednesday – Ashley’s Wishes!

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Today’s wish list comes from someone who is very near and dear to our hearts – ASHLEY Forbes Knox! Mandy and Amber’s sweet sister! We love her very much and asked her to do a wish list for us. Here’s what Ashley has to say about her wishes:

I was Born in Oklahoma, Raised in Alabama and now Live in Virginia Beach!   Beach life is sweet with my husband, Dennis, son- Rhett, and snugly pooch, Belle.  I really don’t “need” anything but these things would polish it all off. :


1.Wicked Tickets!!!!  It’s coming to town & I need to be there!

2. Camera Strap: Oh Snap!  I feel inspired by this strippy strap.

3. Commercial Bulb Lights like the ones from the Olive Garden would really brighten upour backyard parties

4.Reduce-Reuse-Recycle… it’s the only way to live! A pretty rain barrel will help the earth and our summer garden!

5. Air Stream Dream!  It already has a surfboard for handsome hubs!  

6. Wish I could spend more time here and I’d love to have one of these signs made from Tuscaloosa wood… after the tornado!

7. This book says it all!

We hope Ashley gets all of her wishes! Thanks for sharing them with us! We love you.

Thanks for reading and as always, if you’d ever like to share your wishlist with us, just email us at info@polishboutique.com!


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