Wishlist Wednesday – STOP KONY

By Polish

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We interrupt our regular wish list post to shedlight on this issue that is KONY. “Who is Kony”, you ask? Well, if you don’t already know…Joseph Kony is one of the world’s worse war criminals. He (along with his followers) has kidnapped and abused (emotionally, physically and sexually) over 30,000 children in Africa. It began in Uganda and has been going on for over 27 years. 27 years.

His only cause is to have ultimate power. Nothing more. He is a selfish man who is ruled by his own desire to control others. He has kidnapped children, forced them to kill their parents, trained the boys to be murders and the girls to be sex slaves.

The very thought makes me weep and makes my skin crawl. How can we know this and not be moved?

Invisible Children is the organization that has started a movement to get the United States government into action. After 8 years of shedding light on this situation, the United States has finally sent military advisors to Africa, to aid the army there and to find Kony. If they do not find them they will remove troops and Kony will continue to kill and destory the lives of these children.

How can we help?

Pray and give your support to Invisible Children. If we are loud enough, our government will NOT stand by and do nothing. We must urge them to continue the support of the African Soldiers and capture Kony!

I would like to encourage you to watch this video explaining the situation and explaining what we can do to make a difference. The video is 30 minutes but you need to watch it to get a better understanding of what is at stake and what we can do to help. If this ever happened in the United States, you better believe the government would do something! In the past our government hasn’t wanted to get involved because Kony has little affect on foreign policy. But after the voice of so many, the government finally decided to help. Kony changed his strategy and is making it more difficult to find him. Our government will remove themselves unless we can be loud enough to make them stay! They must stay.. not because of policies but because it is the RIGHT thing to do! Please, watch this video and support the movement to free the Invisible Children! For more information, go to the Invisible Children Facebook Page, here. To support Invisible Children go here.

Thanks for reading! STOP KONY!



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